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Basic Rider Course (BRCu)Basic Rider Course (BRCu)

plus Introductory Motorcycle
Experience (IME)
15 hours17 hours
Day 1: Classroom & Riding

Day 2: Riding & Onsite Road-test
Day 1: Private 2-hour Introduction to
Motorcycling Session

Day 2: Classroom & Riding

Day 3: Riding & Onsite Road-test
85% of our students choose to take the 2-day class

The 2-day option is our most popular class and is perfect for the new rider that is a complete novice or the new rider that has some experience riding and feels confident in their ability to learn how to shift, throttle & brake a motorcycle in a controlled
group setting.
15% of our students choose to take the 3- day class

The 3-day option is perfect for the student that has never rode a motorcycle and is nervous about learning how shift a motorcycle in a group setting. The IME is a 2-hour private 1:1 session that will introduce you to shifting, throttle control and braking a motorcycle.

The goal and purpose of the IME is create a more confident student in preparation for the BRCu.

If you already know how to shift a motorcycle, then please do not take this class.

The IME is scheduled separately from the BRCu and is conducted on a separate day, prior to your scheduled BRCu. The IME is only available weekdays at our Flagship campus in Plympton.

To purchase the 3-day option, during the online registration add:

— Private 2 hr Precourse in Plympton

to your BRCu registration.

We will email you with available IME dates within 24 hours of registering.
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