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Course Requirements

  • To Graduate: Students must attend all portions of the classroom and on-cycle sessions. Students must also successfully pass a written exam at the end of the classroom sessions, and, a riding evaluation at the end of the course.

  • To Receive your License: Students who successfully complete our course will be exempt from the Registry of Motor Vehicles' road test that is required to receive your motorcycle license or endorsement. In order to be exempt, the student must bring their learner's permit to the first class session. If you do not bring your learner's permit to the first class session, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will not allow us to issue your Certificate!

  • The Basic Rider Course involves the risk of personal injury. Students unable to maintain the pace of the course or who pose a hazard to themselves or others may be dismissed from the course by the instructors and will not be subject to a refund.

  • Students registering for the Basic Rider Course should be able to ride and balance a bicycle.

  • Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be made to students with less than 10 days notice prior to the start of a course. All cancellations that are more than 10 days prior to the course will be charged $25.00. In order to receive a refund, a refund request must be sent in writing (US Mail, e-mail or fax) to the site coordinator. No refunds will be made to students who are late to class, dismissed, voluntarily leave, do not pass the written or riding evaluation, have previously rescheduled or miss a segment of either course.

  • Reschedule Policy: Students may reschedule to another class once within the calendar year on a space available basis. All such reschedule requests must be in writing (US Mail, e-mail or fax) and received by the site coordinator at least 48 hours before the class and will be subject to a non-refundable $25.00 charge. Any reschedule within 48 hours of the class will be charged a $100.00 reschedule fee. No refunds will be made to students who are late to class, dismissed, voluntarily leave, do not pass the written or riding evaluation have previously rescheduled or miss a segment of either course.

  • Students may retake the knowledge test and/or the riding skill evaluation only once for any one class. Students who must return to the training site for their second test and/or evaluation must do so within 14 days of the class completion date on a space-available basis. All such retakes will be subject to a nonrefundable $25.00 charge.

  • Students under 18 who want to use a Certificate to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or license must also have a driver education certificate issued by the Registrar and have held their motorcycle learner's permit for six months prior to the application for the endorsement or license.
I have read and accept the Course Descriptions and Course Requirements section of this web site. I accept the tuition charge of $.00.
I am under 18 years old. (A parental waiver form will be emailed to you.)

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