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Level 2 Basic Rider Course (BRC2) is included for free with your BRC tuition
Every BRC Student will receive a $195 BRC2 for FREE!

Q. Why would Training Wheels give $195 in savings for FREE when I register for a BRC?

A. Because we are committed to making you the best rider you can be. Watch the video for more info.

Training Wheels is committed to Building a Better Rider.

By completing the 2-day Basic Rider Course you will learn how to operate a motorcycle and satisfy the requirements to receive your Massachusetts Motorcycle license.

That's it. That's all you need to do...and we get would like to learn how to ride and get your motorcycle license with as little time and money as possible.

But in keeping with our goal of Building a Better Rider....we don't think the learning should stop after just 2 days.

Over the past 18 years we found that the students who take the BRC, then purchase a motorcycle, will soon get to a level where they feel confident riding in MOST "real world" situations. But we want you to feel confident in ALL "real world" situations.

The BRC2 - Skills Practice Session is a series of (8) exercises held over 5 hours, under the instruction of a RiderCoach. There is no test at the end and it is all about improving upon the skills you already possess, while riding the bike that YOU have been riding in the real world.

While riding your own motorcycle, you will be taught how to better

The Skills Practice Session will no doubt increase your confidence and make riding even more enjoyable.

After training over 35,000 new riders, we feel that the Skills Practice Session is such an important and valuable experience towards becoming a better rider that we include it for FREE to all students that complete the Basic Rider Course with us.

It is not mandatory. But we highly recommended it for those riders who became comfortable riding their own bike and would like to take their confidence & skills to the next level.

All you need to do is take the Basic Rider Course with Training Wheels and within 2 years of taking the BRC, come on back on your own motorcycle and join us for the BRC2- Skills Practice session...for FREE.

We look forward to Building you into a Better Rider.

Rick Sigel

We are grateful to the local dealerships that share in our commitment for safe motorcycling and hope that you take full advantage of their generosity.

Ride safe & buy local!


Rick Sigel, President

100% Course Tuition Reimbursement from your local motorcycle dealer

Receive a 100% course tuition reimbursement from the dealers listed in this section when you purchase any new or used street motorcycle from them within 30 days of graduating a Training Wheels BRC ($395) or BRC2 ($195). Only one discount allowed
per motorcycle.

Cape Cod Harley-Davidson
Cape Cod
Ronnie's Cycle, Adams
Ronnies Harley-Davidson
Ronnie's Harley-Davidson,

50% Course Tuition Reimbursement from your local motorcycle dealer

Receive a 50% course tuition reimbursement from the dealers listed in this section when you purchase any new or used street motorcycle from them within 30 days of graduating a Training Wheels BRC ($200) or BRC2 ($100). Only one discount allowed
per motorcycle.

Monty's Cycle Shop
Monty's Cycle Shop
West Bridgewater
Dunbar Euro-Sports
Dunbar Eurosports
West Bridgewater

Pilgrim Power Sports
Pilgrim Powersports, Plymouth

Get 10% off of your motorcycle insurance!

Students who successfully complete our course are eligible to receive a limited 10% discount on their motorcycle insurance. All you are required to do is show your insurance agent your course completion card. You receive a discount every year that you insure a motorcycle in MA.

$50 - $300 tuition reimbursements from motorcycle manufacturers.

The tuition reimbursement programs offered by the manufactures are in addition to the tuition reimbursements offered by the local dealers listed above. There is the potential to receive up to $615 back by taking advantage of these promotions!

The tuition reimbursements from the motorcycle manufactures vary in amounts and submission process. We tried to give you as much information as possible so it would be easy for you to take advantage of these generous offers. If you have any questions the local motorcycle dealerships are happy to help you out. Promotions are subject to change without our knowledge so if anything doesn't work out for you, please let us know so we can remove it from the page.

Triumph Logo

Triumph $225

Triumph Motorcycle will reimburse you up to $225 in tuition when you purchase a new Triumph.

Honda Logo

Honda $75

Honda offers a $75 tuition reimbursement if you purchase a Honda Motorcycle.

Suzuki Logo

Suzuki $100

Suzuki offers $100 tuition reimbursement to any first-time BRC or BRC2 graduate who also purchases a new Suzuki motorcycle.

Hyosung Logo

Hyosung $300

Hyosung Motors is offering $300 off a new motorcycle for taking the BRC. For more information, talk with your Hyosung dealer.

Yamaha Logo

Yamaha $50

Yamaha offers a $50 U.S. Savings Bond to Basic Rider or Experienced Rider course graduates who purchase a new street-legal Yamaha, regardless of model year. Submission information can be received at your Yamaha dealer.

Ducati Logo

Ducati $300


Ducati informed us that when you successfully complete a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse, you will receive a credit of $300 towards the purchase of a new Monster 696 or Monster 796 model of your choice to cover the cost of the safety course and welcome you to the Ducati family.

$50 -$500 credit towards merchandise, parts & accessories from motorcycle manufacturers

BMW Logo

BMW $500


BMW established the "Ride Smart Reward" program for all graduates of the Basic RiderCourse. Course Graduates receive $500 in BMW Riders' Apparel with the purchase of a new BMW motorcycle. The "Ride Smart Reward" is valid towards any original BMW Riders' Apparel such as boots, gloves, jackets, etc. from the BMW MOTORRAD RIDE catalogue.

Harley Davison Logo

Harley Davidson $50


Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) has their own special incentive for the Basic Rider and Experienced Rider courses. Graduates who are H.O.G. members can receive up to $50 in H.O.G. bonus coupons. Requests for reimbursement must be made within three months of the course date. Your Harley Dealer will be happy to help you.

Other Discounts for Training Wheels Students

Parts Giant Logo

Parts Giant extends their support to Training Wheels students with discounts. They sell parts and accessories for a wide range of bikes. Training Wheels students simply need to mention over the phone that they are a Training Wheels graduate to take advantage of the special pricing (usually around 10% off listed prices).