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Skilled Rider Courses (Motorcycles must be provided by Students)

Name of CourseTuitionTimeStudent:CoachPass Course & Get License
Advanced Rider Course (ARC)$1958 hrs.6:1NO
Experienced Rider Course (ERC)$1956 hrs.6:1YES
Private ERC$4506 hrs.1:1YES

ARC course

Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

The ARC is a great course for riders who are looking to bring their riding skills to a whole new level.
It aims to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices. The one-day course will include approximately 3.5 hours of classroom activities and 4.5 hours of riding (plus 45 min. for lunch), including lessons in basic control, quick stops, curve adjustments, cornering and swerving, multiple curves and more. The course takes a look at a rider's thought processes and helps us discover some of the reasons why we make the choices we do. Plus, this program allows the rider to explore his or her personal riding limitations and how to better use and understand the bike's design capabilities. ARC course All riders can benefit from this curriculum and leave with a greater understanding of their personal decision-making process, as well as their bike's capabilities and limitations.

The ARC is only offered to licensed motorcyclists. The ARC must be taken on your motorcycle.

A picture tells 1000 words so please check out photos of our ARC class here.

Tuition is $195.00 for the Advanced Rider Course (ARC).

Click here for the ARC in Plympton
Click here for the ARC in Framingham

Experienced Rider CourseExperienced Rider Course

This course is geared toward those who have been riding for at least six months but would like a refresher or perhaps to learn something new. Participants will put into practice the techniques of managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving. The exercises in the ERC are similar to the exercises in day 2 of the BRC but slightly faster and performed on your motorcycle. The one-day course will include approximately 1.5 hours of classroom activities and 4.5 hours of riding (plus 45 min. for lunch). The Training Wheels Rider Coaches are excited about the opportunity to reconnect with some of the graduates they met in the Basic Rider Courses.

Experienced Rider Course A graduate of the ERC will receive their MA Motorcycle License if they bring their MA Motorcycle Permit to the course. The ERC must be taken on your motorcycle.

Tuition is $195.00 for the Experienced Rider Course.

Click here for the ERC in Plympton
Click here for the ERC in Framingham

Private ERC

Private BRC course

This course is identical to the above mentioned ERC. However, it is taught privately with (1) student and (1) instructor. The primary reason a student would register for a Private ERC, rather than a "group" ERC is for the convenience of scheduling a class based on their own date and time preferences. The start time is determined by the student as well as the preferred date. However, it can only be scheduled on a weekday. We can often accommodate your request with just a few days' notice. The Private ERC is also a good fit for someone who cannot wait for the next "group" ERC and would like to get their motorcycle license faster.

Tuition is $450.00 for the Private ERC.

Please call us at 508-247-9595 to schedule a Private ERC.