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Novice Rider Courses (Motorcycles provided by Training Wheels)

Name of CourseTuitionTimeStudent:CoachReceive LicenseBRC2
Basic Rider Course (BRC)$38915 hrs. (2 days)6:1YESIncluded
BRC Automatic Motorcycle (Vespa 150cc )$43515 hrs. (2 days)6:1YESIncluded
Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)$1952 hrs.1:1 

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Basic Rider Course (BRC)

Photo of Basic Rider Course
Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is our most popular course. The BRC is designed for the person who has little or no knowledge of riding and would like to have the basic skills of riding as well as receive their MA Motorcycle License by successfully completing the course.

Students who successfully complete the BRC will receive their Massachusetts motorcycle license mailed to them without having to go take the road test at the RMV. More info...

Motorcycles are provided. Loaner helmets are available to students without their own (DOT approved). Classes are 15 hours (5 classroom, 10 riding).

Students must attend all classroom and on-cycle sessions and pass the required evaluation to graduate from this course.


Topics Covered:
  • challenge of motorcycling
  • motorcycle controls
  • rider & motorcycle preparation
  • basic riding skills
  • street strategies
  • advanced turning & braking techniques
  • special riding situations
  • dangers of impaired riding
  • straight line riding
  • turning, shifting & stopping
  • evasive maneuvers
Courses Are Conducted At:
Massasoit Community College, Brockton
97 County Road (Route 106), Plympton
Middlesex Masonic Lodge, Framingham
Southeastern Regional Vocational High School, South Easton
Middlesex Community College, Bedford
1350 (classroom) and 703 (riding) West Housatonic St. (Rt. 20), Pittsfield
Ezra Baker Elementary School, West Dennis

Tuition is $389 for the Basic Rider Course.

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Vespa Motorsports

Basic Rider Course Automatic Motorcycle (VESPA 150cc)

If you plan on only riding an automatic motorcycle (ie. a VESPA 150cc-type motorcycle that doesn't shift), then the BRC on a VESPA 150cc is the perfect course for you. Although you will be exclusively riding a VESPA 150cc throughout the 2 day BRC, you will still benefit from everything we have to teach you about riding safely and confidently AND receive your motorcycle license upon successfully completing the course.

Due to the limited amount of VESPA 150cc's in our fleet, you must let us know in advance of registering that you would like to have a VESPA 150cc made available to you. You can email or call us at 508-247-9595 to let us know which class date and location you prefer and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Please note that students will not be able to start the BRC on a shifting motorcycle and then decide during the class that they would prefer to be on a VESPA 150cc. The arrangements must be made in advance.

Tuition is $435 for the Basic Rider Course (on a VESPA 150cc).

Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)

For the Pure Novice who has NEVER ridden a motorcycle with a shift and clutch:

Introductory Motorcycle Experience

Photo of Private Lesson Location
Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)

Introductory Motorcycle Experience is an (optional) 2-hr session that introduces you to the concept of shifting a motorcycle. It is important to realize that how to operate the shift and throttle is covered in the first few exercises of the Basic Rider Course (BRC). While most students whom have never shifted a motorcycle before do well in the class without taking the Introductory Motorcycle Experience in advance of the BRC, we have found that those who do take the Introductory Motorcycle Experience before the BRC find the head start to be beneficial.

Topics Covered:

All Private Lessons are held at our Flagship Motorcycle Rider Training Facility in Plympton, MA. It is only 35 miles south of Boston.

We realize it is about an hour from Framingham and Bedford but we will make it worth the trip and you will be that much closer to becoming a safe and confident motorcyclist!

Tuition is $195.00 for the Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME).

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We use these motorcycles in the course:

250cc Honda Nighthawk

250cc Honda Nighthawk

250cc Honda Rebel

250cc Honda Rebel

Suzuki TU250

Suzuki TU250

Kawasaki Eliminator 125

Kawasaki Eliminator 125

Photo: Yamaha TW200

Yamaha TW200


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...about the Basic Rider Course (BRC)

If I take the course with Training Wheels to get my motorcycle license do I still need to get a motorcycle permit at the registry?

Yes. You do need to get your MA Motorcycle Permit before you take the BRC so that we can process your license electronically and have the registry mail your motorcycle license to you.

Will I need to take a road test at the RMV after the class?

No. You will not have to take a road test on a motorcycle at the RMV. The riding exam is conducted at the end of the 2-day course.

What is the difference between Group A and Group B for weekend classes?

The curriculum is exactly the same. The difference is the start times: Group A starts at 7:30am & Group B starts at 9:30am. On Sunday Group A ends at 12:30pm and Group B ends at 5:30pm. Due to a lunch break on Sunday for Group B only (not required for Group A), there is an extra hour built into
the schedule.

What is the difference between the BRC and the BRC2?

In the BRC2, students are riding their own motorcycle during the course. All of the exercises are similar to the ones taught on Day 2 of the BRC, but are done at slightly higher speeds. It is an excellent refresher course for practicing your basic rider skills.

The most frequently asked question is, where is Plympton?

It's closer than you think!

Do I need my own motorcycle to take the course?

Training Wheels will provide the motorcycles. You do not need to have your own motorcycle for the basic rider course. You do, however, need to bring your own motorcycle for the BRC2 course.

HelmetDo I need to bring my own helmet?

We do not suggest you make a major equipment purchase such as a helmet until after the course. We dedicate a portion of the classroom instruction to riding gear, including the different types of helmets and what makes them legal. Students would benefit greatly from this information and be better prepared to purchase a helmet after the course. In the meantime, we have plenty of helmets to loan during the course. But, if you do already own a DOT approved helmet, feel free to use it during the course.

What kind of gloves do I need for the course?

As we mentioned above, we dedicate a portion of the classroom instruction to riding gear. If you don't already own motorcycle gloves, bring a regular pair of leather gloves - just make sure they are full fingered gloves!

What type of motorcycle will I be riding in the course?

We use 250cc Honda Nighthawk, 250cc Honda Rebel, Suzuki TU250, Kawasaki Eliminator 125, Suzuki TW250 and Honda CBR 250 in the course. They are small, street legal motorcycles.

Is there anything I can do to familiarize myself with motorcycling prior to the class?

The course is designed for people with little or no knowledge at all about riding a motorcycle. However you can download a copy of the Basic Rider Course Handbook that we use in the classroom by clicking here (2.5 Mb).

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Can I be placed on a waiting list to get into an earlier class?

Yes. If any openings in classes become available we will contact only students who are already enrolled in a Training Wheels course. In order to request an earlier class, please write us a note in the comments section upon registering and we will mark your record as "requested earlier date". We will contact you if a spot opens up. Please be specific as to which location and if you can attend midweek and/or a weekend class.

If my leg inseam is less than 26", can I still take the course?

If your inseam is less than 26", you should come to our training site prior to taking the course to sit on one our motorcycles to make certain that it will fit your needs. Please call the office to arrange this before you register for the course.

What happens if it rains?

You will get wet! Unless you bring rain gear (jacket AND pants). Courses run rain or shine.

What if I am under 18 years old?

Goggles Students under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian. (We'll send one to you - just make sure you indicate on your registration form that you are under 18 years of age). Also, you must have a driver education certificate issued by the Registrar and have held a learner's permit (motorcycle or drivers) for a full six months prior to the application for the endorsement or license.

How long is the course?

The course is a total of 15 hours. It is broken up into 5 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction.

Can I use my own motorcycle for the basic rider course?

Due to MSF regulations, you must use the motorcycles provided to you by Training Wheels. However, upon successfully completing the course, you can partake in a Skills Practice Session on your own motorcycle.

Can I take the motorcycle course if I'm not from Massachusetts?

Yes. You can take the course with a valid drivers license or permit from any state. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a course completion card from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Many state Registry of Motor Vehicles will accept this card for motorcycle licensing. However, you should check with your state RMV to confirm this with your state.

I am registered for a two-day course. What should I bring the first day?

On the first day of a two-day course, we will be in the classroom first, then ride. Please bring a copy of your permit (if you would like a Certificate of Motorcycle Training), your confirmation form and pen/paper for the classroom. Then be prepared for the riding portion of the course by bringing all of the items listed on your confirmation form. It is also suggested that you bring plenty to drink, snacks and a lunch for breaks during the day. There will be a lunch break midday.

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Should I practice before the class?

No. Why not you ask? Would you practice sky diving? Probably not before you knew how.

You can register online here or contact us at 508-247-9595 with any questions.