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Everything you need to know about
obtaining your MA Motorcycle License

Q: Will I get a motorcycle license by taking the course?

A. Yes. Just follow these 4 steps and you will receive your Motorcycle License in the mail.


Go to the RMV and ask to take the Motorcycle Permit Test. You do NOT need an appointment and the fee is $30. Most people pass the test the first time. However, if you would like to study, you should read the MA Motorcycle Drivers Manual and MA Drivers Manual. You can download the manuals from the links below.

Motorcycle Manual   MA Drivers Manual

Note: Although a majority of the questions on the MA Motorcycle Permit test come from the Motorcycle Drivers Manual, there will also be questions from Section 21 (JOL) and Sections 55-56 (Alcohol) of the MA Drivers Manual. We suggest you study the entire Motorcycle Manual as well as Sections 21, 55, 56 of the Drivers Manual.

NOTE: As of March 26, 2018 when you go to the RMV to get a permit you must prove lawful presence. If only proving lawful presence then, eventually, you will receive a standard license. Since you are going to the RMV, you should bring the 4 documents required to obtain REAL ID. You can prepare by visiting your Profile by clicking the link below:


While you are at the RMV, you should also "pre-pay" for the Motorcycle Endorsement (fee is $15).

The Motorcycle Endorsement is the letter "M" that will be placed on your license to show you are a licensed motorcyclist. By pre-paying before you take the Motorcycle Safety Course, the RMV will be able to mail you the new motorcycle license and you will not have to return to the RMV to pay the $15 fee.

Note: If you already have your permit and did NOT prepay the $15 motorcycle endorsement fee when you were at the RMV you can pay for it when you pick up your motorcycle license at the RMV.


Bring your permit to your scheduled class and we will update your Online RMV Profile to reflect that you successfully complete the course. Once you satisfy all of the new MA licensing requirements (as stated in STEP 1), you will receive a motorcycle endorsement on your new license automatically. There is no expiration on the Motorcycle Class completion notation on your RMV Profile so you can get your new license in your own time frame.


To register for a Motorcycle Rider Education class near you, click here.

How do I get my motorcycle license if I pass the course?

If you successfully complete the BRC or BRC2 Rider Course, have a valid Massachusetts motorcycle permit at the time, and your permit does not expire for at least 15 business days following the course completion date, you'll qualify for licensing through the course with no further testing at the registry! You will NOT have to go to the RMV and take a Road Test if you pass the course.

Do I need a permit to take the class?

You are allowed to take the class with or without your permit. However, if you do have your permit prior to taking (and passing) the class, you can be exempt from having to take the registry's road test to receive your motorcycle license. That also saves you $20 in RMV fees.

Do I need a permit in order to register for the class?

No. You can register online for a class without having a motorcycle permit. However, as stated in the above question you are advised to obtain a permit before you ARRIVE to your scheduled class.

How do I get a permit?

Motorcycle permits are issued at any full-service Registry of Motor Vehicles - no appointments are made for this exam. You must pass a computerized multiple choice test and pay a $30 fee. Want to study beforehand? Pick up a copy of the Operator's Manual that they have located at their information booths. Many of the questions you will be asked are general rules of the road and not motorcycle-specific.

Should I be nervous about taking the RMV's written motorcycle permit test?

Not at all. The RMV wants to insure that you know basic rules of the road. They count on us to teach you motorcycle safety. All of the questions on the exam are taken from the RMV Motorcycle Manual.

To view the manual please click this link.

If I have a Rhode Island or New Hampshire drivers license, can I take the Training Wheels BRC in Massachusetts to get my motorcycle license?

If you have a Rhode Island or New Hampshire drivers license you can take the Training Wheels Basic Rider Course (BRC) in Massachusetts and receive your RI or NH motorcycle license. RI & NH are "reciprocal" states and they honor the Training Wheels BRC if taken at any of our six locations in Massachusetts. After you successfully complete the BRC you will be provided with a confirmation certificate that you can bring to your DMV and receive your Rhode Island or New Hampshire motorcycle license.

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