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Motorcycle Course Registration

1. Tell Us About Yourself

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Which best describes your motorcycle riding experience (Please don't overthink this answer. The Basic Rider Course is designed for people with little or no knowledge of riding.)
___ I have never ridden a motorcycle before.
___ I have ridden in the past but it was a long time ago or on a smaller motorcycle/dirt-bike and I consider myself a beginner.
___ I have some experience riding and can shift and brake a motorcycle but I still would like to learn to become a better rider.

2. Pick a Location
__Cape Cod  __Bedford  __Brockton  __Framingham  __Kingston-Plympton
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3. Pick a Course
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4. Pick a Class Code

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5. Determine Your Tuition

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I have read and accept the Course Descriptions and Course Requirements section of this web site. If payment is by MC, VISA, DISC or AMEX, I accept the Basic Rider Course tuition charge of $389.00 per student; BRC2 $195. Please make check payable to Training Wheels of NE, Inc.

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8. Mail Us This Form (to the address above) or FAX to (508) 247-9010