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"I have ridden before and have some experience using motorcycle controls. I can start, stop & shift smoothly."

Whether you rode dirt bikes while growing up, a street bike in college or and have not been on a motorcycle for several years, we find that the Basic Rider Course (BRC) is absolutely the best choice for you.

At some point in your life, starting, stopping and shifting was most likely taught to you in about 10 minutes. While we don't spend just 10 minutes on those basic, yet crucial skills, we do get everyone riding within the first hour of the range session. That leaves nine additional hours for comprehensive instruction, demonstrations and riding time so you can work on important skills that will enable you to make tighter turns, safer stops, ride safely at slower speeds, work on accident avoidance techniques and more... way more.

Please also realize that motorcycles are now significantly lighter and more powerful than the ones you were most likely riding 10-20 years ago. The BRC will help to refresh your existing skills and introduce you to new enhanced concepts that will make your motorcycle riding experience more confident and enjoyable for years to come.

For those of you who currently own a motorcycle and feel as if your confidence while riding on the street could be increased, then we also recommend the BRC.

These recommendations are based on the feedback from thousands of our students that had the same experience as you and we confidently feel that the BRC is a terrific course to take at this stage.

Once you feel confident on the motorcycle you own, then we highly recommend taking the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) or the Advanced Sportbike Rider Course. Please keep in mind that for those three courses you will need to provide a motorcycle to ride. In the Basic Rider Course (BRC) we will provide the motorcycle.

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